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Australian Labradoodles For Sale in BC Canada

Trained Labradoodles at Over The Moon Labradoodles ------ At Over the Moon Labradoodles in Grand Forks, B.C. all of our puppies go home with Head Start Puppy training. They will go to the bathroom either in a potty box or outside, they will have been introduced to a crate, be able to come and sit for a kibble and will have met new people every day for their socialization.


We are looking forward to both miniature and larger medium puppies in the late fall.  They will be ready for homes in early 2024.

To make sure you don’t miss out on these special Australian Labradoodle puppies email us at

Our list of waiting families has begun.  We are so excited. 

Looking Back.....Sending Labradoodle Puppy Henrietta to her new Home

Henrietta travels to New York, first on a helicopter to Kelowna and then by private plane to New York.  Henrietta is now part of the Lauder family.   

Labradoodle puppy Lulu is growing up

labradoodle and woman

Shelby’s puppy Lulu is growing to be a sweet and beautiful girl.  

If you would like to welcome a puppy like Lulu into your family Shelby is planning a family for spring. 

She is taking a well deserved rest and will be bred again in early 2024.  

We are taking family names for our lovely Larger Medium puppy Shelby list.  

Brave Little Labradoodle, Woofy Jean on Evacuation Alert

Blond Mini Labradoodle

Last week we had a message from brave Woofy Jean who lives near Sorrento in the fire area. She sent this more than a week ago and happily things are now looking better for Over The Moon Woofy and her family. 

“Hi Liz and Jean
We are safe, at home but repacking our grab and go bags. Fire tripled in size last night and is much closer to Sorrento this morning. We did have a rain shower which will help.”

Labradoodle Puppy Kelpie finds Perfect family

Happiness is a puppy who has found the perfect family to love.   Kelpie has flown to Ottawa and is happily living with two children to play with and an extended family full of love.  Kelpie had a wonderful fan club rooting for him and he is thankful to each one of you. It was through his wonderful friends that he found is forever family.  

mum greets labradoodle
Labradoodles thrive with the training methods of Dr. Ian Dunbar. Lick on Dr. Dunbar's photo to learn more about it.

The Australian Labradoodle and Allergies

We strive to breed puppies that are non-shedding and allergy friendly. If you have concerns about allergies in your house please find more information about the labradoodle and allergies on our Labradoodles and Allergies Information page.

Plane Travel for our Labradoodle Puppies

Our puppies have flown all over North America and even to Europe. They can do this easily because we make sure before they set out on their journey they are crate trained and are old enough to travel. Our puppies stay with us until they are 11 weeks of age. They are spayed or neutered and have had two out of the three sets of vaccinations. They receive Bordatella (kennel cough) vaccine if they are older and go to play group. International travelers receive a rabies vaccine. Usually puppies travel more easily than many humans, Jean included.

Our Australian Labradoodle Puppies who become therapy Dogs

Our Labradoodles are trained and temperament tested to be placed as therapy dogs. This is Dr. J Moench with Tilly who recently completed the introduction to Animal Assisted Therapy.

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