Will Come For Food

My puppies all love adventure. Sometimes they get very busy seeing what is over the next hill and I can’t really say I blame them. However, I have always come when I am called and I expect my puppies to be the same way.

The coming when called started innocently enough.

When I was very small I noticed there was food that belonged to me in a dish on the counter. Even in pockets there was food that was mine. In less than a week of living with them I had them trained to give me the food at really regular intervals.

They would say my name out loud because they loved me so much. I would run and sit at their feet. Sitting was convenient because she always put the food just above my head. Wow it was great. Every time I sat like that they would pop a kibble in my mouth.

I have suggested to all of my puppies they follow my example and train their loved ones to give them kibble just for sitting at their feet.

Even now when there is a deer in the meadow I chase only a little bit before I hear that voice and thoughts of treats overwhelm me and I come racing for that cookie.

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