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     We dogs like our walks but when puppy comes home he’s not going to be ready for your five mile morning constitutional.  What he loves to do is follow.  My puppies follow me and they will follow you.  They get a little older and they say  ‘nope…you’re not the boss of me” but little puppies are wonderful followers. 

   Start your walks by having puppy follow you around the garden or some place where he won’t get a disease from strange dog poop.  He’ll love it. 

  When you are having a good time with that put on a harness with a leash  Harness are so much nicer than attaching a leash to a collar.  He should follow you on his leash quite happily.  If he pulls or jumps just stop for a minute until he has collected himself and off you go again. 

  If you are on a sidewalk and he gets nervous he could back our of a collar but with the harness he will be happy and secure.

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