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Labradoodles learn to stop and smell the flowers

Spring is in the air even if for this little boy, Ghillie the flowers in the nursery are made of silky stitches.  

Ghillie and his brothers and sisters are 12 days old.  

Elementor #16594

Sweet Labradoodle Puppies are 9 Days Old

Little Red Flynn is smaller than his brothers.  Perhaps that is why they think he is a perfect pillow.  

Flynn and his brothers will be old enough to make families very happy by packing their toys and going to their forever homes on Canada Day weekend.  

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Labradoodle puppy Twins

Twins! Alven and Kelpie both poked their noses into the world at the same time. We could not believe our eyes but here they are four days later, big (relatively speaking) and healthy

Labradoodle Puppies on Day 3 of life

Labradoodle puppies work hard at 2 days old

These puppies were born on May Day.  There are 11 of them and they are working hard at thriving in this new world.  Mummy Agatha is very proud of them.

There are available puppies from this beautiful Medium Litter

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Labradoodle mother smiling with 1 day old puppies

Agatha keeps on smiling. Agatha is a smiley dog, she even sees the sunshine at two  a.m. when her babies are scattered and crying. She sorts them out and carries on. It turns out she doesn’t have 10 puppies as we have said, she has 11. That is a lot for one little mama to feed and look after. Happily at the moment she has round the clock staff. We have to keep the temperature around 90 Fahrenheit for newborn puppies so we think of it as another tropical vacation with lots of night life.

Agatha has room on her waitlist. for one of these enchanting medium Australian Labradoodle puppies.  If you are interested please either phone Jean at  250 443 1513 or email ourlabradoodles@yahoo.com

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