Labradoodle Mothers

Perhaps the perfect labradoodle puppy fo you will come from one of our Australian labradoodle mothers.

Our labradoodle breeding dogs are descendents of the Service Australian Labradoodles first bred in Australia.

Every Body Loves Chanel - Smaller Medium Labradoodle

Chanel is a full of life smaller chocolate and white party girl.

She came to us from Hales Labradoodles in California and hopes to become a labradoodle mum when she completes her testing in the near future.

Chanel loves going with her family in the camper, greeting visitors and being friends with her sister the Dachshound.

Chanel and her family live in Oliver BC.

Size: 17 inches at the shoulder and 17 pounds.

Registered as: Everybody Loves Chanel

ALAA#: 000871

Carmella - Small Medium Labradoodle

Carmella is a charming very feminine young lady. She is the daughter of our Savannah and Chester.

Carmella is a new mother in 2019 to a litter of 6 beautiful puppies.

Carmella lives with our very good friends John, Penny and Snowy here in Grand Forks.

Registered as: Moon’s Ginger Peachy

ALAA#: 050011


Bella is our charmer from our Lexi and Canadoodle’s Xavier.

Bella is full of life and has grown to be almost the size of Lexi, her mother. Bella given us a beautiful and popular litter of puppies and was a wonderful mother to them. She passes on so many great characteristics.

She lives happily with her guardian family on the water in Nelson.

Registered as: Bella In The Dell

ALAA#: 042141 

Olive - Small Medium Labradoodle

Olive Blossom has now given us two beautiful litters. She is a lovely young lady who has the sweet nature of her mother and her grandmother.

Olive’s grandmother is our first Labradoodle, Lilyanna. This is a special line as Lilyanna was from the last litter of Canadoodle’s Tassi who had the first litter of Australian Labradoodles in North America. She was born as part of the original breeding program in Australian.

Although a large miniature, because her parents are medium she could carry the genes for somewhat larger puppies. She is 27 pounds. She lives with her adoring guardian family and her mother Sadie in Vernon, BC.

Size: 16 inches at the shoulder

Registered as: Olive Blossom

ALAA#: 042617

Tia Caleche - Large Medium Labradoodle

Tia is our beautiful phantom girl. She is the daughter of our Phantom boy Barnaby and our Guinivere’s Coco. We were so excited to keep this beautiful gir and hope for phantom puppies one day that look like their mum and grandfather.

Tia is a delight and lives with her loving guardian family in Nelson.

Size: 19 inches at the shoulder

Registered as: Tia Caleche

ALAA#: 058705

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