Nasty Little Creates That Can Plague Us

I don’t like to talk about them but as a mother I have to confront the fact that when my puppies sniff poop, eat dirt and roll in rodent droppings they can pick up little worm eggs.  Kids will be kids and sadly worms are a part of life.

  Sometimes ailments like coughing or stiff joints can be caused by various kinds of parasites.  Did you know that puppies are all born with worms?  Even well bred, lovely puppies like mine need to be wormed at three weeks of age.  There is a regular worming program of three, seven and nine weeks until the puppies go home.

  It’s a good idea  to worm doggies at the change of each season which is every three months.  I know it keeps me well.  Sometimes mum has us checked out if she is not sure.  She does something at the vets called a fecal float.  Not sure about the sound of that!  Anyway my advice is to ask your vet about a worming program for your darling. 

 The picture is Lexi feeling good, happy and parasite free!

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