B.C.Labradoodle Puppies from Health tested Labradoodle Parents

Our Labradoodle breeding dogs are descendants of the Service Australian Labradoodles first bred in Australia.

Our current Australian Labradoodle Mothers


Our Labradoodle Mother in waiting

Labradoodle mother hopeful

This is our beautiful phantom mother to be Capri.  She has almost finished her health testing and we hope for some beautiful 2024 puppies from her.  

Our Retired Labradoodle Mothers

Our Future Labradoodle Puppy Mothers

Our Labradoodle Fathers

Labradoodle Health Testing

At Over The Moon we do our best to ensure that our breeding dogs are sound and pass on the very best traits of the Australian Labradoodle. We want your pet to be a healthy companion for many years. Our puppies receive veterinary care from the time they are eight weeks old when they go to the doctor for their first examination and vaccine. However, before they are concieved mum and dad have health testing to make sure they don’t pass on the common faults that plague most breeds today such as hip displasia and genes that can cause premature blindness.

Labradoodle Hip and Elbow Testing

When a puppy has reached maturity at about a year old we send him to the veterinarian to have his hips and elbows x-rayed. Our veterinarian sends them to the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals in the US to be examined and graded.

Labradoodle DNA Testing

At some point before the puppy becomes a candidate for a breeding dog we take a dna sample and have it screened for common diseases that are passed down from parent to puppy. If both parents of this breeding candidate have themselves been tested we are assured there are no easily discovered faults to be passed to the puppy.

Labradoodle Eye Health

Every year we take each of our breeding dogs to a canine ophthalmologist to have their eyes examined.


Our Over The Moon Labradoodle puppy parents have extensive health testing.

  This is our Amber.  She passed all of her health tests and has given us  her first beautiful litter of  puppies  puppies.  She lives with her guardian family in Grand Forks when she is not busy in the nursery at our house. 

Health testing of our labradoodle  parents ensures enables Over The Moon Labradoodles to offer a genetic health guarantee for all our puppies.

brown labradoodle mother

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