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Labradoodle Puppies arriving any minute.

pregnant labradoodle

This is Agatha our sweet, happy, Medium Australian Labradoodle mother.  Her puppies are due to be born any day.  

The father of this litter is Canadoodles’ Morgan.  A boy who is a beautiful and loveable as Agatha.  We are very excited about his litter.  

If you are interested in this Medium Australian Labradoodle litter please call Jean at

250- 443- 1513 or email ourlabradoodles@yahoo.com

Australian Labradoodle father, Canadoodles Morgan Freeman.

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Australian Labradoodle Mothers

We have three generations of Labradoodle mothers, great grandmother Savannah on the left, her daughter the grandma, Carmella in the centre and Mother Shelby on the left.

Below is one of Shelby’s six puppies, Joel.

Shelby’s puppies now have lovely homes waiting for them.  They will travel home in early May.  

Now we are waiting for Agatha to have puppies and we are all excited.  

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A Labradoodle Puppy Thank you

Hi. Thank you friends and fans and Over The Moon family. You have been so sweet to me and have said so many kind and supportive things. I have a family now and will be moving to Edmonton when I am ready. I will have an Over The Moon Brother and I am so excited. Thanks for the Labradoodle Love.

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Australian Labradoodle Puppy Joel rocks

Six week old Joel has an outing in the puppy area with a visit from friends.  He loves Nancy’s knee and he  loves playing with his mum Shelby and his brother Freddie.  

Joel is an available puppy who will be able to go to his home at the end of April.  

There is an endearing quality about Joel and he will make somebody a joyous companion.  

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labradoodle breeding mother


Moons Agatha reclines in her home waiting for the big day when her puppies will arrive.  They should be here the first week in May.  Write or call Jean to be a family waiting for this big event.   250 443 1513. ourlabradoodles@yahoo.com

Her mate is handsome Canadoodles Morgan who will spend his days playing with his guardian family and enjoying spring. 

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We love emails at  ourlabradoodles@yahoo.com

Please phone us at 250 443 1513