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Labradoodle mother smiling with 1 day old puppies

Agatha keeps on smiling. Agatha is a smiley dog, she even sees the sunshine at two  a.m. when her babies are scattered and crying. She sorts them out and carries on. It turns out she doesn’t have 10 puppies as we have said, she has 11. That is a lot for one little mama to feed and look after. Happily at the moment she has round the clock staff. We have to keep the temperature around 90 Fahrenheit for newborn puppies so we think of it as another tropical vacation with lots of night life.

Agatha has room on her waitlist. for one of these enchanting medium Australian Labradoodle puppies.  If you are interested please either phone Jean at  250 443 1513 or email ourlabradoodles@yahoo.com

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