Elementor #16530

Australian Labradoodle Puppies arrived with May Day

Training and early Health care for Labradoodles.

We have nine little boys and two little girls to grace our life.  Their parents  are beautiful, sweet and calm.   We know these puppies will bring so much love and sweetness to any family they join.

  The puppies will be spayed/neutered, microchipped for identification and will have had their first set of vaccinations. 

The puppies will have had our Head Start Puppy training which is like puppy kindergarten.  We introduce them to sleeping in a crate, they learn to follow us, to come when they are called and to sit for a kibble.  

The very must important part of Head Start training is that they will have met more than 30 different strangers to play with and interact .  This will start their road to becoming happy well socialized dogs who like the people they meet. 

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