Dining With Others

We dogs love to eat.  The thing is we are never sure when dish has the best food.  Cruising dinners is just the most natural thing to do.  Maybe the puppy has something better than I do??!  There really is nothing like that soft gooey baby food. 

    This puppy Archie, the chocolate one, he likes everybody’s dinner and will travel from dish to dish. Little Cedar, the blonde will easily just give up and say okay just have it. Personally I like Annabel the standard poodle’s dish so if I can get there I will just stare at her until she lets me have it.

   If you have more than one dog at home it is usually best to feed them in separate places.  They can concentrate on the job at hand.  It is sometimes hard to read our subtle and not so subtle dinner time conversations but unlike people they are not always cordial to one another.

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