Chocolate Labradoodle Rose with Kristi

Finger Nipping Good!

   I must confess even my puppies have nipped at a finger now and then or tugged on a pant leg.  I have tried to explain that humans have no sense of fun in this regard but it takes them a while to understand.

   If your puppy nips at you he is just wanting to have a bit of fun doggie style.  Do exactly what I do when a dog nips me too hard, yell.  At first a little yell could be sufficient.  However, if he just thinks you are enjoying the game then scream…use your drama.  Then be still and stop the game.

  That is what we dogs do to tell another that they are playing too rough.  Let’s face it with you humans nipping is always too rough so you have to let your puppy know right away that it is just not your cup of tea.  Perhaps find a tug tug toy or some other thing you can do together that is mutually enjoyable.

Chocolate labradoodle puppy Cooper

Walk About


     We dogs like our walks but when puppy comes home he’s not going to be ready for your five mile morning constitutional.  What he loves to do is follow.  My puppies follow me and they will follow you.  They get a little older and they say  ‘nope…you’re not the boss of me” but little puppies are wonderful followers. 

   Start your walks by having puppy follow you around the garden or some place where he won’t get a disease from strange dog poop.  He’ll love it. 

  When you are having a good time with that put on a harness with a leash  Harness are so much nicer than attaching a leash to a collar.  He should follow you on his leash quite happily.  If he pulls or jumps just stop for a minute until he has collected himself and off you go again. 

  If you are on a sidewalk and he gets nervous he could back our of a collar but with the harness he will be happy and secure.

Labradoodle puppy Rambler

All The Things A Puppy Will Need To Know

One thing I have noticed about puppies is that they learn lots and lots in the first six months of life.  After that they would prefer to cruise on what they know.  Actually, they can learn lots of stuff like dance steps and finding the treasure at any age.  However,  stuff about the world like ‘hats are not scary’ or ‘people are not waiting to steal my food’ are things best learned young.

 If you want puppy to behave a certain way try to do it young.  I know a very smart, lovely dog who decided he had better not eat when he was staying at a relation’s house because mum and dad were on vacation.  I understand this.  Loyalty has its price.

  I think it might be a great idea to practise sleep overs….with dining involved…when the puppy is young.   I know my friend Annabel has certain issues about going to the bathroom on a leash because she never had to do this as a young puppy.  We all have our problems.  

Anyway, trying to figure out all the things puppy will need to do as a grown up and giving them a little practice when he is young is a good idea.

Labradoodle mom Guinivere

Will Come For Food

My puppies all love adventure. Sometimes they get very busy seeing what is over the next hill and I can’t really say I blame them. However, I have always come when I am called and I expect my puppies to be the same way.

The coming when called started innocently enough.

When I was very small I noticed there was food that belonged to me in a dish on the counter. Even in pockets there was food that was mine. In less than a week of living with them I had them trained to give me the food at really regular intervals.

They would say my name out loud because they loved me so much. I would run and sit at their feet. Sitting was convenient because she always put the food just above my head. Wow it was great. Every time I sat like that they would pop a kibble in my mouth.

I have suggested to all of my puppies they follow my example and train their loved ones to give them kibble just for sitting at their feet.

Even now when there is a deer in the meadow I chase only a little bit before I hear that voice and thoughts of treats overwhelm me and I come racing for that cookie.

Poppy brown labradoodle puppy

Puppy Care .. from my point of view. FOOD


Today I really haven’t nursed my puppies at all. And!! when I ate three breakfasts (don’t ask how I got them) and regurgitated the food nicely for my seven week old babies everybody had a fit and ran around with cloths and mops. Honestly I hope they feed them as well as I had planned to feed them.

Guinivere mom labradoodle at easter with scarf and pink bunny ears.

When puppy comes home it is the best idea to keep them on the food they were on from the time they were three weeks old. My puppies are eating a mix of Acana Wild Prairie and Horizon Legacy food. This is fairly expensive food but it is cheaper than the vet bills.

The picture is of me in my youth. I was the Easter Bunny that year.

The puppy is Poppy. She enjoys all of her meals.

They are just beginning to eat some dry food and that can make a puppy choke if they are too enthusiastic. We spread it around for them and mix it sometimes with food that has been soaked with hot water.

These are a quality foods. Sadly none of the Supermarket foods are very good and we shop at the pet shop. The pet shop gives out treats to mums like me.

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