Sweet Miniature Labradoodles Welcome To The World

Mini Labradoodle mum and puppies

Miniature Labradoodle puppies have arrived.  Welcome to the world the Egyptian litter, four tiny, glossy black boys, Karnak, Cairo, Luxor and Aswan.  Our two gold boys are Nile and Alexander and our two little girls are Cleopatra and Rosetta.  

If you would like to make one of these sweet puppies which will be well under 20 pounds part of your family please call Jean 250 443 1513 or email us at ourlabradoodles@yahoo.com

Labradoodle Puppy Boy wears pink

Friends Nancy and Ted invited us all to lunch.  Kelpie arrived with his brother who is now called Palmer.  They were perfect guests.  

Kelpie is in pink because he was wanting to discuss gender equality and the new Barbie movie.  He hopes to see it one day.  

Kelpie is an available puppy and very well behaved and social.  He will grow to be between 25 and 30 pounds. His parents were extensively health tested and so he looks forward to a long and happy life.  Perhaps you could make Kelpie a part of your family.  

If you are interested please call Jean at 250 443 1513 or write ourlabradoodles@yahoo.com

Labradoodle Puppy in BC Looking Situation as Live In Companion

chocolate labradoodle puppy

This is our Kelpie who is growing into a wonderful companion dog.  At 11 weeks he is responsive and loving.  He knows where to go potty, he sits for his kibble and he likes to follow us about the house and when we are all tired he lies at our feet.

We love this boy and he is going to make somebody a very best friend.

Labradoodles BC Available Puppy Love

Labradoodle Puppy Elf

Hi It’s me, Elf.  I am a little medium Labradoodle puppy.  I won’t grow too big, maybe 27 pounds like my mum. I love to play and I just want to be with a person.  

The mums here say I am a real P playful U unique P pleasing P petable Y yummy little fellow.  I am 11 weeks old and I had a family but now they are unable to take me.  If you have room for me in your family please call or write to Jean

250 443 1513


Labardoodle Puppy Walking in Sunshine

Labradoodle Puppy Loves Walking on a Leash

Little Labradoodle puppy, Lark is learning to walk on leash without pulling.   This is just one skill he is learning because he hopes to have a family of his own very soon. 

If you think you might like Lark to join your family please call Jean at 250 443 1513 or email Jean at ourlabradoodles@yahoo.com to find out more about this boy.   

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