About Over The Moon

” (Being a parent) is tough. If you just want a wonderful little creature to love you can get a puppy “

– Barbara Walters

A Home For Labradoodles

We love dogs at our house. We raised darling miniature poodles and when we began breeding Australian Labradoodles we lived with three poodles, our miniature retired couple Sophie and Dundee as well as our ‘maiden aunt, standard poodle Annabel.

It was when Karen McKay, one of the original Australian Labradoodle breeders in North America asked us to pick up an Australian Labradoodle puppy at the airport that we fell in love with this amazing breed. The Labradoodles we got to know were happy, friendly to everybody and eager to please. I am severely asthmatic and was happy when I was able to be in a house full of Labradoodles with no difficulty.

It was only a short while before we brought, Lilyanna, our first Labradoodle puppy into our life. She grew up to be a charming girl who has given us wonderful puppies. We lost her at age 13 and miss her every day.

Now our doggie family is retired Savannah, her grand daughter Shelby, our chocolate smaller standard Labradoodle Lexi who is now retired. Lady Guinivere, our retired standard girl and Claire, daughter of Chanel.  Five dogs is quite a group but things are never dull.  Our other breeding girls and prospective breeding girls live in wonderful guardian homes where they are often the only dog of a doting family.

Liz and a Suzie puppy

Our dear Suzy who gave us twenty-seven puppies retired several years ago. We thought we would always have her as she was our pet. She arrived at our house shortly after Lilyanna. However we met a gentleman who we knew would be a perfect family for Suzie because he too was retired. He and Suzie are having a wonderful life together. We miss her but she is having a great life and I suspect doesn’t miss us all that much.

We both enjoy looking after our dogs and puppies. I must say Liz cleans up more of the poop than I do. I enjoy the computer and letting people know about the puppies. Fortunately I am a senior citizen and am able to stay home with the gang while Liz has a job to go to every day.

We have been fortunate over the past years to meet many lovely families. The majority of our puppy families stay in touch with us. We love to know about the lives of our dogs.

Doggies are all crate trained at Over The Moon but they don’t spend too much time in their crates. They live their life following us about the house and playing outside. We all love visitors and everybody is welcome to come and see us. If you would like to see a specific dog please let us know in advance because some of our parents are in guardian homes. We live within the city of Grand Forks at 2675 – 65th Avenue. We are two hours north of Spokane Washington, right on the American border. We are west of Nelson, BC. People usually require directions to find us so please call ahead. We give lattes.

Daughter Kristi with Annabel at the nearby river
Suzie and her Dad
This is our wonderful retired Suzie playing soccer with her new dad, Brian. Suzie gave us many wonderful puppies and we were sad to see her go until we had this visit and saw how happy Suzie and Brian are together. She has learned so many new skills, including soccer which we must confess is not something she could have learned from us.

This is Helena Wilner and her big baby Cody with Jean. Cody is a Suzette puppy who lives with his family in New York. Liz, Jean, daughters Kristi, Carla and Liz’s sister Judy had a lovely holiday in New York in 2009 and were lucky enough to visit to Cody and his mum, Helena at their Manhatten home.

Visiting Cody in NYC
Bailey goes home

Cara Lee Malange and little black Liza met Lesley Hoeshen and her son Ryan when they came to pick up their puppy, Bailey, a daughter of Liza. They are here in the garden with trainer, Kathy Novokshonoff

Life At The Doodle Ranch

Over The Moon Labradoodle’s rural setting provides a rich environment for your puppy’s first 10 weeks of introduction to the world. Our puppies explore and play, meet many of our friends and family and get their Head Start in training. We love the Australian Labradoodle for his joyful temperament and wish to make our contribution to the growth and development of this breed.

Our Guarantee

Every puppy we we deliver from Over The Moon Labradoodles starts life with a genetic guarantee and development under our Super Dog and Head Start Training Programs.

Contact Us

We are at:

2675 – 65th Ave

Grand Forks, BC Canada


We love emails at  ourlabradoodles@yahoo.com

Please phone us at 250 443 1513